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After daughter’s death, a chance to reduce gun violence

The Sacramento Bee
By Bob Weiss

My daughter Veronika was the love of my life. She was the mathematician, the loyal friend and the caring daughter. She would have recently celebrated her 21st birthday. She had endless opportunities ahead of her.

But suddenly, it was all gone. Veronika was one of seven people killed in the 2014 shooting near UC Santa Barbara, in Isla Vista.

Since her death I have found myself at a loss, wondering what I can do to ensure that no parent has to go through the pain that my wife and I carry with us. I have watched in frustration as too many politicians have responded to the shootings in Santa Barbara, Newtown, Charleston and Virginia Tech with cowardice, polarization and senseless rationalization.

But now, California has a chance to change all that. The Safety for All initiative led by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom puts the power back in the people’s hands. Finally, the issues are coming straight to California voters – an overwhelming majority of whom, according to polls, support stronger laws to reduce gun violence.